Exposure Lights Announce 2012 range

A few days ago, Exposure Lights unveiled their 2012 range of bike lights. Unless you look carefully, you might not notice any difference between these and the 2011 range. Exposure have sensibly chosen to not to drastically alter the form factor or features of their already popular and successful range of lights and instead have provided a number of evolutionary refinements across the range:

The chargeport connector is now gold plated which provides a better connection.

I noted in my review of the Exposure Diablo that the charge port connector was the only potential place water could possibly get in and I thought a rubber bung would be a good addition. For the latest versions, Exposure now include a silicone cover to protect the port from the elements.

The circuitry within the light has been improved to optimise output from the LEDs across the temperature range. This patented technology is called ‘Intelligent Thermal Management’. Exposure says “combats the loss in efficiency of LEDs at elevated temperatures, maintaining optimum output keeping you shining ‘Brighter for Longer’ “. I had noticed a slight drop in battery life with my Diablo light on very cold (sub-zero) winter evenings last year so it will be interesting to see if this technology also improves battery life at low temperatures.

All the lights now use the new Cree XPG R5 LEDs. Compared to the 2011 range, this provides an increase in brightness of approx 25 lumens per LED. So the Joystick mk6 provides 325 lumens and the mighty Six Pack mk2 kicks out a blinding 1925 lumens. My favourite midrange models; the Strada mk3 and Diablo mk3 are rated at 645 and 975 lumens respectively.

All in all these are subtle but welcome additions. It’s great to see that Exposure are still investing in R&D to ensure their lights remain competetive.

Some of the lights in the new range are available now and the rest will become available through September. In my price comparisons, I’ll link to both 2011 models (which are being sold off on special offer) and the 2012 models until the 2011 models are sold out.

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