Ronhill Trackster Review

Ronhill Trackster Origin

Back in September I started a mini-series on cycling trousers when I tried out the DHB roubaix tights and the Altura Winter Cruisers. It’s now time to finish what I started and round up the series with a quick look at some boggo standard tracksuit bottoms to see how they compare.

I’ve obtained a pair of the popular Ron Hill Trackster Classic and a pair of the Ron Hill Trackster Origin track suit bottoms. These are suitable for a wide range of sports activities and are a particular favourite of runners. I find they work just as well for cycling though they don’t have any padding which is not a problem for me on my 35 minute commute. Padded shorts could be worn underneath if necessary.

They are made of a thinner material than both the DHB roubaix tights and the Altura winter cruisers that I tried last year. For me the fit is absolutely perfect – They are not baggy and nor do they have the sprayed on figure hugging look of the stretchy DHB tights. I’ve used them down to 0°C and I think they will be fine at lower temperatures than that perhaps backed up with a pair of long johns worn underneath on the really chilly days. The material is quite breathable so they are also fine for warmer days.

Ronhill Trackster Classic

The material has been treated with some kind of water repellent which somehow prevents it getting saturated when it rains. I’ve worn the trousers in a light rain shower and it does seem to work. Furthermore they dry really quickly when they do get wet.

At size 34 waist, the medium size fits me perfectly. In most respects the trackster classic and the trackster origin are identical. The classic has a very small inner pocket which can be used to stow away a set of keys but little more. The origin has a more useful rear zipped pocket. In addition the origin has some reflective trim on the rear of the calves. Both have elasticated waistband and a drawstring cord.

To conclude, I’ve found the Ronhill Tracksters perfect for pretty much any weather conditions and I now tend to choose these over all the other cycling trousers I’ve tried. They’re much cheaper than all the others too! See the links above for some purchasing options.

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