1800 Lumen Stamina Bike Light Set – Review

New Bright Eyes Bicycle light

What best bike night light under 100 dollars which can come with maximum brightness ?

At times there is a requirement of having bright light mounted in the bike which is not as bright but still not that dim. This 1800 Lumen Stamina Bright Eyes Bicycle light , is a very new addition to the Bright Eyes catalogue which offers mediocre intense intense light for your bike.

best bike lights for night riding
Best Bike Lights for Night Riding

1800 Lumen Bicycle Light Set Features

This bike light comes with 5 advance mode main 3 being Powerful with 1800 lumen , Medium with 1200 lumen and low with 330 lumen.
With this bike there is visibility of 3500 ft and 800 ft of brightness.

This particular bike light is a well made piece , nicely crafted with proper instructions to mount is on any bike.

The rechargeable batteries for bike are awesome. It is a must-have if you are riding in low light situations. It only takes seconds to switch it over to any mtb.

The battery night light conditions are good.


Headlight Specs 4.2 oz., 2-3/4” long x 2-1/4” long.
Battery Specs 10.3 oz., 2-14 wide x 4” long.


Is the only for mountain bike lights ?
No. This bike light in particular comes with universal mount for both light and battery. Hence it can be used with any bikes.

What multiple volts charger can be used ?

8.4 volts is the charger for this rechargeable bike light. Ofcourse having an multi country adapter can be used to charge the batteries.

Is there any Guarantee for 1800 Lumen Stamina Bike Light Set ?

Yes , this Bright Eyes bicycle light provides lifetime guarantee for this set .

Are the batteries of 1800 Lumen Stamina Bike Light Set water proof ?

Yes the batteries are water proof and comes with military grade plastic to encapsulate the light.

What is the battery life for this Bright Eyes bike light ?

Maximum the battery can lasts for 4-5 hours on high mode. On medium mode it can last upto 7 hours and in low mode the battery can last upto 12 hours.

Conclusion / Why to buy this bicycle headlight ?

If you are looking for a cheap bike light with good brightness, this night bike light is going to be the perfect choice.

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