How many lumens do you need on a bike light?

Requirement of lumen at times becomes a difficult question to answer. Lumens are referred to how much light is being emitted.  You can know more on what is lumen in this page.

Every light comes with different set of brightness / lumens. At times while riding the bike , it is required to switch on the lights even in day light. Similarly depending on the darkness the lumen requirement for bike differs.

We can broadly categorise the bike rides in following way :

Bike Light Lumen requirement at day time.

While riding bike in day time often there are chances that due to bad weather / low light condition lights are needed to be switched on. Similarly as per regulatory lights of the bike needs to be switched on . So an ideal lumen at daylight would be anything beyond 100 lumens.

Lumen requirement for the bicycle lights at rural conditions

In rural areas , bike light with higher lumen becomes a necessity. I would recommend any lights which are of  400 to 600 lumen.

Lumen required while riding in trails.

While doing off-roading light needs to be more sharper so that any potholes can be visible. You need to have very strong light to see through any hazards. Anything about 600 lumens is worth considering.

Lumen needed in bike light while riding in city.

Urban bike riding is always fun. But it is also dangerous if safety and regulations are not met. It is always good to have bike lights capable of having 50-200 lumen.

If there is still requirement of higher lumen , we have reviewed few higher lumen lights which are worth to buy  eg: 1800 Lumen Stamina Bike Light Set.